Raffles Medical for 2 quarters, has lost it shine as a grower. Both revenue and Profits were flat.

Before this, it was a darling because of the below:
Very consistent, isn’t it?
Now, with earnings stagnating, it show the share price hit a 52-week low recently.
 An almost 1/3 fall from its peak.
If u read around, there are many reports that state how its business might worsen. Let me summarize (Parrot):
1) Holland V Medical is fully leased but there is no spike in revenue, that means the patient load is worse than expected.
2) China expansion will worsen earning for the next 3 years. Management guided that hospital will turn around after 3 years.
3) My simple and quick Google of cancer doctors, review or doctors show names thrown out mainly from parkway and mount Alvernia. But beside these 2 quarters, their revenue is …