I’ve been radio silent since the NetLink Trust IPO. Work piled up, and things happened in my personal life that left me very little time for recreation, let alone writing. However, I thought I’d take the time to pen something I experienced in mid-to-late July: day-trading on our local SGX. I’d always been curious about the idea of day-trading, and the allure of working from home and being your own boss is always undeniable.

Of course, I’ve also heard the horror stories of traders being burned because of bad calls or unstable companies. It is also commonly stated that only a small portion of day traders make a profit – most of them lose.

Source: Tradeciety

Inspired by the ‘Wallstreet Bets‘ reddit group (r/wallstreetbets), I applied for two weeks leave in July to begin my experiment – I took leave from 17th July to 28th July, …