In this part, I will describe on how to go about implementing your Bedokian Portfolio using your CPF Ordinary Account (OA). Take note that I am posting this from the perspective of an investor who is below 55 years old.
Ideal Amount to Start
It is recommended to start off the CPF Bedokian Portfolio in one shot, much like the one bought using your disposable income with the same reasonings.1 The ideal quantum to start, after setting aside a buffer for your home mortgage payments and/or kids’ education fees, would be $36,500 ($36,500 – [35% x $36,500] – [10% x $36,500] = $20,075). The 35% and 10% are the stocks and gold limits, respectively. The remaining $20,075 is to fulfill the “no-investment” rule for the first $20K of your CPF OA.
Planning The Portfolio
The asset classes that make up The Bedokian Portfolio are available for investing using CPF …