If you have followed my previous post on Credit Card Philosophy, you will know that we are searching high and low for a credit card that has

No Minimum Spending Required Because we don’t want to speed unnecessarily Generous Rewards Because we don’t want to lose out – Kiasu Effortless Because we have more important things to attend to than credit cards

Never did we know that we are actually searching in the wrong category. The Ideal Card is not Credit Card but just a simple Debit Card by DBS.

Introducing DBS Visa Debit Card

5% Cashback

with Visa Paywave on ALL Transaction. Importantly, No Minimum Spending Required!
Cashback capped @ $50/month. (Its very hard to reach this ceiling).

ONE Simple Condition Keep your cash withdrawals to three times or less and up to S$400 every month. Conclusion

The idea behind is to reduce our usage of …