Dear readers, these are the eleven stocks on the SGX with high debts. How high is the debt? Well, each of these stocks has a debt to equity ratio of more than 200%. High debt is okay if the company is able to service or pay off the debts but it is a problem if companies are not able to do so. These eleven stocks with their debt to equity ratio are below.

1) StarHub Ltd. 1600.92%

2) CWG International Ltd. 384.04%

3) Keppel Infrastructure Trust 319.69%

4) Hatten Land Limited 317.89%

5) Oxley Holdings Limited 272.83%

6) Aspial Corporation Limited 254.35%

7) Soo Kee Group Ltd. 233.23%

8) Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited 229.80%

9) MoneyMax Financial Services Ltd. 219.66%

10) Olam International Limited 213.56%

11) Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corporation Ltd. 210.23% …