What does these have in similar?

They have many forms, but at its core and substance, more will converge, and there is a return to basic.
One of my favourite swordplay movie, 《蕭十三郎的劍》,about 2 top martial art experts, sharing their essence of skill before duet. The essence of one is “flow and change” and the essence of the other is “basic” yet killing moves.
It’s a fun and insightful show. The one with basic moves wins. I makes me think a lot about teaching. There is so many pedagogies, ICT-infused lesson, collaborative learning, inquiry-based learning, game-based learning etc. All flavors of the month before.
Martial Art is to “kill” otherwise it becomes a performance. Pedagogies is to let people “learn better” otherwise it become a “show”
Different pedagogies has different requirements and different entry points and different resources required. But I realise when u go to the basic …