It was pretty random but CZM and I went to check down to a few bridal shops over the weekend. However, our intention was to check things out and not sign anything.

These are the bridal shops that we went to:
Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio
1728 Wedding House

CZM has been sharing and tagging me on a lot of Rico-A-Mona gowns on FB. She would ask me if this or that is nice and I would always say “all of it looks nice on you”. Hahaha. Naturally, that was the first bridal shop we went to check out. We were served by Sinny and she was pretty nice, not pushy at all. She started by explaining the details of the package and then CZM showed her some of the gowns she shared on my FB page. Sinny let CZM tried all of them and even recommended her something different! When CZM first wore …