Dear readers, when a stock is trading at low prices, it may either be a bargain or it may be a “falling knife”. But what if the stocks have good valuations fundamentally? Will that makes the stocks bargain buys?

Currently, there are five stocks which are trading within 4% of their 52-weeks low. Each of these stocks have good return-of-equity of more than 15% and pays a dividends yields of more than 4% each. Without further ado, let us get to know the names of the stocks now.

1. China Jinjiang stock

2. QAF stock

3. Sarine Technologies stock

4. M1 stock

5. Starhub stock

It is an interesting fact that M1 stock and Starhub stock are featured in the above list. Beyond the above statistics, investors must look at the current business environment for each of the above stocks else they may not be that bargain buys with their …