So last week, my wife convinced me to have dinner at The Clove Club, a 1-Michelin Star restaurant ranked #26 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards this year (Britain’s highest entry).

Now, you must understand that unlike my wife, I have a very un-Michelin-like palate.

I love Qiji nasi lemak, Soi 19 Thai wanton noodles, and the chicken and fish set from Long John Silver’s. I used to have the same dumb complaints as every clueless college kid: “Why should I pay 20X the price when I can get equally delicious food elsewhere? Why is 90% of the plate empty?”

Which is why I found myself bewildered at how I spent $200 on dinner at Clove Club… and loved it.

Cultured food bloggers will take 300 pictures of a restaurant, and describe each dish with mouthwatering detail. But because I’m a weirdo, I started analysing all of the …