Have you noticed in documentaries about Master Chefs or Ah Ma’s home cooking, the way they cooked is “agar agar” and a bit any-o-how? Fusion this, mix-and-match that?

But for cooking class programs for beginners, everything is measured in EXACT proportions, French is French, Cantonese is Cantonese, Korean is Korean? Step by step and no short-cuts (even though there are)!

How many audiences believe they can learn by watching agar agar Ah Ma’s home cooking and then can cook the similar meals close to that standard?

You can even watch many times on slow motion. You may not even guess or get the amount of agar agar right!

You may have to cook together with Ah Ma a few more time under supervision by Ah Ma to get it ABOUT RIGHT!

For same reason; many will flock to those have secret recipes with measurement and clear description. No agar agar hor! …