Disclosure: Many thanks to Seedly for generously granting me access to the convention 🙂

Dear reader,

It’s been a while. Sorry for the hiatus!

It’s finals season and work has been pretty intense with all the extra consultations, revision and exam prep going on.

Thankfully, there was time to catch the Shares Investment Convention 2017 over the weekend 😀

In an effort to distill the speakers’ presentations and crystallize personal insights, I present to you – My Top 5 Takeaways from the convention!✨

1. How To Separate The REIT from the Chaff

David Kuo of The Motley Fool speaks about an asset class he is happy he can value easily -REITs! The same can’t be said of cryptocurrencies (them tricky bitcookies🍪!).

These are the indicators David uses to select good REITs, in a nutshell! He tends to benchmark REITs across FFO (Funds From Operation) markers too.👌

Side-note: There’s been