Just my weekend musings:

There are 2 ways to happiness.

One is to accept current situation.

Second, is to pursuit what u want.

My observation is there are many seemingly poor or “unfortunate” people who are happy, because they accept their bad set of cards. There are many energetic people with a goal in their life and passionate about their life.

Respect, what do you respect? I didn’t ask who.

1) Character- e.g. Resilence, wit etc

2) Money

3) Power – Position of authority, etc

I will be honest, I respect all three to varying degree. I don’t just respect character. Neither are they mutually exclusive.

Are u happy when people show u respect. I know I do. But while I am not rich nor powerful, I am also not poor or without any “position”, so I use this as a reminder not to get it in …