We’ve all played games.
When we die, we reset, when we start poorly, we reset, when we don’t achieve whatever, we reset.
In a game, it’s so easy to reset. Just press a button.

Not so easy in real life.

I’ve thought about it sometimes. Resetting my life.
Like what would have happened if I studied a different topic and did not go into the finance industry?
Would things have been different? Would I have been happier doing another job?
Then this blog would not have existed and I might still be working happily?

Then I thought, hey, what’s preventing me from doing that now?
I could take up a course on something for the next 2 years. Ok I’ll need to spend some money.
Maybe $10,000-$20,000 if it’s going to be a degree level qualification.
Then I could just reset and go and do another role right?

Somewhat, yes. It is possible.
But unlike a game reset, I can’t really reset my …