Even with the North Korean tensions escalating, the market remained somewhat flat during the past month. So I was pretty delighted to eke out some decent gains for the portfolio, especially with the crediting of close to $2k worth of dividends during the past few weeks.

The portfolio rose pretty significantly by $6k to reach $421,000 and a big contributor was the good performance of the DWI sub-portfolio as a couple of stocks there made good gains in the past month. The annualised return of all the sub-portfolios are above 6% again. 

There was no transactions this month but I am on the lookout to deploy a bit of cash into some stocks and it’s likely I will fire a couple of bullets in the next month.

Overall Portfolio (Value: $421,000)

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio
With the SGD appreciating against the USD, it’s quite surprising that there is actually …