Maybe the title shall be mistiming. I have a long history of having a bad timing in buying shares.

I was reading the recent article in the Sunday Times (see below).

The best investors sit on plenty of cash (read here)

One statement resonates deeply with me: “But holding cash can be very painful financially since it earns me virtually nothing.”

It doesn’t help when you read about others with much bigger portfolio (heavily invested) in the upmarket reaping record high dividends. On track for their yearly dividend payout target. Somehow, the notion of a sharp market downturn does not faze them. No risk no gain.

I haven’t invested much since mid-2015. Sold some shares in 2017.

However, I did dip into 2 counters some time back. First is TalkMed, and the second is a US counter, Chipotle Mexican Grill. Both saw sharp drops in their share prices prior …