I always say, we always have a choice.
Cos we can always decide whether to buy something or not.
Decide to continue working or plan to leave.
We can change our jobs if we are really unhappy.

But what if we had not choice?
Have you watched the “Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe?
When males are born, they become warriors, samurai, archers.
Females tend to the farm and home.
And that’s it. There’s no debate. The main part of the show is showing the lives of these samurai, their dedication to their skill, honour and pride. Just a lifelong cultivation.
And they accept it. It is the way it is. It is their life.

Does this sound miserable? Maybe…
And yet, many of us have already experienced it.

All the guys here have gone through NS. We had no choice.
I doubt many of us enjoyed it. We didn’t get to choose the posting of what we were trained it …