we see both counters CDG and SPH dropping to multi year lows, the former ended just above $2 today and the latter about $2.60 today.

both are the result of disruptive forces of today’s modern world
i believe these two counters belong to many people in singapore, including myself.
i used to think they were very safe. perhaps not so now.
However, but over a long time, my guess still is that both should be able to weather this and most likely they will not become history in our history books.
i did a portfolio check today, and it remained relatively unaffected still.
main reason is that each counter is about 4% of my total portfolio.
hence every 10% drop in one counter would represent a movement southwards of 0.4%. 2 counters even 20% each will at most affect 0.4×4% or 1.6%, which is rather …