Disclaimer : I’m not invested in ComfortDelGro. I’m just interested in the changing landscape!

The share price of ComfortDelGro has fallen a fair bit in recent days on the back of negative news, one after another. I’m not interested in getting in, though. Many blog posts discuss the business of ComfortDelGro – the taxi segment, in particular, because it is the one that’s in trouble.

Just wanted to throw out some observations I’ve made along the way, so that we can look at the situation from the perspective of one of ComfortDelGro’s main rival in the taxi business – Grab. I see Uber as being part of the landscape, but probably not a long-term threat to either, so I don’t talk about it too much here.

I must admit, having all three around is the best scenario for consumers as I’ve benefited tremendously over the last four years! I regularly spend at …