As always, some admin/frivolous stuff first.

For those who have contacted me to get your complimentary SGX Bull Charge 2017 tickets, SGX should’ve dropped you guys an email the past week to register. If you have not received it, pls check your spam folder. If you still have not received it, pls drop me an email to let me know. (hope I didn’t input your email wrongly)

For those who did not manage to get the tickets, I’m sorry but I’m only given 10 complimentary entries for my readers + another 2 for Team TTI (which I’ve also given away to readers). Maybe next year?

I’m going on holiday next week!

OK, this is one new year resolution I’ve failed badly. 2017 is supposed to be a not-too-much-holidaying year. (I think I wrote that in a post at the start of 2017) But I’m on my 5th for this year, …