Cooling measures form an integral and important part of the Singapore property market. Investors say it’s punitive and unnecessary while the banks and government claims it enhances stability of the market.

In whatever case, the cooling measures are here to stay. They were progressively ramped up since 2011 but has since very slightly been reduced in the last year.

There are websites that consolidate the cooling measures but this will be different. This post will lay out the text from the government’s ministries and stat boards such as MAS, MOF, MND, URA and HDB when they imposed their cooling measures.

The compilation of announcements below

13 Jan 2011 Measures to maintain a stable and sustainable property market 7 Dec 2011 Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty for a stable and sustainable property market 11 Jan 2013 Additional Measures to Ensure a Stable and Sustainable Property Market 28 June 2013 MAS Introduces Debt Servicing Framework for …