Everyone has heard of Uber and Grab. These two apps both rank as the top 5 most downloaded app in the Apple app store, and has huge following in every community ranging from its users, media pundits and investors. But which is really the best app for consumers in Singapore for to use? We’ve collected data on pricing on both apps for major locations in Singapore, and have also experimented with different traffic conditions to get you close to an answer.

Editor’s note: At the end, we share 2 very useful tools – ShopBack app and TaxiBot which helps you compare at a glance!

Grab Is the Better App for Most Rides in Singapore

We’ve found that for most rides in Singapore, Grab proved to be the cheaper hailing service than Uber. For instance, for a ride between Tanjong Pagar Centre and Raffles Place, we estimated that uberX would charge about S$5, while Grab …