I think less than 10% of Singapore households spend above $15,000 in a month. In fact, from this piece of statistic, it seems that even those who stays in landed properties spend only an average of $10,000 a month.

So imagine you have $15,000 of passive income (in the form of dividends/interest from maybe a $5 million portfolio) EVERY MONTH. Basically, after finishing spending $15,000 in September, another $15,000 pops up in your bank account. For most, this is akin to having money raining on us every month.

I thought it would be a useful thought experiment to see how I would allocate $15,000 in a month for our household. It would probably be able to provide some interesting insights on what we are giving up when leading a frugal lifestyle and whether we should continue working for money even after financial independence.

How I Would Spend $15,000 A …