There’s this scheme.

My wife brought this to my attention. I didn’t do too much research.
I’m a bit half half on how good this is.

So if you’re already an AIA customer, or you can start by purchasing one of their policies.
Then you can download this app and subscribe to it by paying $3 per month.

Every month or week, if you do some healthy thing,
you earn points which can be exchanged for vouchers.

So if you earn 250 points in a week, you can exchange that for $5 Cold storage / Starbucks voucher.
Quite worth it. Considering you pay $3 per month.
You can “earn” $20 per month.

And how to earn 250 points in a week?
Well, you can get 100 points for 60 minutes of walking everyday. So that’s 3 days of walking.
Or 30 minutes of running depending on speed.

You can also gain 100 points by going to the gym. With this app, you can …