So I do talk to my other friends about the relationship between my wife and I.
And how I try to rein in her spending and how we maintain our frugal lifestyle.

Some friends are typically nonchalant about it cos they don’t care about spending.
Some think, I’m lucky to have a wife who is ok to listen to me and accept a frugal lifestyle.
And other friends would say why am I bothering about her spending if she is spending her own money.

Now, everyone has their own views on what a relationship should be and everyone is free to pursue it in whatever way they want to.
This is my answer and rationale.
If you believe it or you subscribe to a similar thinking, fine, otherwise, by all means do what suits you.

When we were not married, I didn’t care what she bought. I shopped with her to buy a watch before.
It was $400. She …