I was chatting with one of my colleague about investing and he brought up his investment on crypto-currencies. He was never interested in investing before so i was curious why the sudden interest in investing. He says that the return for crypto huge. Easily 20%.
I guess people are always looking for higher returns before they start investing.

A returns of 7% on $1000 is only 70 dollars while a returns of 20% on $1000 is 200 dollars. Surely getting 200 dollars is a more attractive incentive to start investing. Well if you gamble your money in Casino, the returns is 50% per bet. That’s $1000!! Instant gratification! It’s no wonder so many people are hooked on gambling.

Let’s not forget about the risk on the above returns. You are not going to win every time in the casino. In fact, you are going to loss most of the time and the 50% …