I like to compartmentalize things.
Break things down to simpler parts before stitching them together again.

So I thought… what do I pay for when I’m buying something?
What am I trading off? Which part is rationale or not?
Is something more expensive cos it’s better quality? Or am I just paying for convenience? Or am I buying a feeling? Or what?

So I thought about a few scenarios…
Currently I own a XiaoMi phone. It’s cheap. I buy it as a phone. Nothing fancy. But I’m open to discuss about better specs and stuff.
So I bought the phone off the retail shop, and paid $219.
My wife bought the same phone online and paid $201. So I conclude that the difference $18 is the convenience of having the phone immediately instead of waiting for the delivery.
Then I think about the new iPhone X. It’s around $1000. I’m not going to go into detailed specs. That’s not …