Updates for my dividend portfolio for September 2017

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. But all of these are on hold as I’m working on my eCommerce hustle. There’s nothing to buy recently either though.

  • Buy Comfort Delgro at 2.05 (Averaging down)
  • Reasons
  • Valuations are near 5-10 year lows, Dividend Yield at about 5% (Crisis ~5%), PE at 14.0x (Crisis ~9.7x).
  • Competition is really heating up from Grab and Uber (though the latter two still seems to be loss making) and is pressing prices down, taxi utilisation is at a low too. SBS failed to win tender for the new Thomson-East Coast MRT line, seems to have pushed prices unreasonably low. I feel that this would be a drawn out game, but in the long run, price will revert to mean (though probably a …