So you want to save without conditions?

Previously, we wrote an article for best saving accounts for working adults, but most of the time, the interest tiers come with many conditions like Salary crediting, Paying bills and Credit Card spending.

Now, what if you wanted something simple and easy to understand? This is the article for you.

Who is this article for? Self-employed, Freelancers Property agents or Financial Planners Couple Joint Accounts (JA) People with extra cash who may want to park somewhere (sizeable emergency or opportunity fund) Key Considerations: Simple, better interest rates which beat the normal 0.05% p.a for NO requirements Liquid funds, where you can withdraw or close the account when you need it A known reputable bank with easy to assess with Internet and mobile banking

Editor’s note: We do not get any commissions from any of these recommendations.You will start to realize also that very …