As you might already know, Croesus Retail Trust will be delisted on 27th October 2017 as it has been acquired – Blackstone makes offer for Croesus Retail Trust at S$1.17 per unit.

The interesting thing is that the current share price is S$1.165 and that presents an opportunity to arbitrage! I buy at $1.165, hold till 11th October 2017 and get paid S$1.17 on 27th October 2017. As a SCB priority customer, there is no minimum commission and the commission structure is as follows:

1. Brokerage Fees: 0.18%
2. SGX Clearing Fee: 0.04%
3. GST: 7.00%

A quick calculation shows that the return is about 0.19%. Assuming that I make the purchase tomorrow (4th October 2017 and hold till it XD/XE on 11th October 2017 – about 8 days), the annualized return becomes 8.82%!

Is this risk-free? Certainly not if it is before 5th October 2017…

There is a court hearing to …