I continue to invest more in non-REITs, reducing my reliance on S-REITs for passive income in the process.

The largest investment in non-REITs in 3Q 2017 was in SingTel.

See: SingTel and Netlink NBN Trust.

I accumulated a relatively large investment as SingTel’s share price declined to below $3.70 a share.

I am more interested in the entity’s ability to pay consistent and meaningful dividends although a special dividend from the sale of Netlink NBN Trust would be a nice bonus.

In 3Q 2017, I also nibbled at the following:

1. Wilmar.

2. Tuan Sing Holdings.

3. Comfort Delgro.

As usual, there is an investing for income angle in all my investments but that is where the similarity ends for these nibbles.

Adding to my investment in Wilmar when I did was to pay a fair price investing for growth. It is important that I am paid while I wait and Wilmar pays regular dividends…