Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (3)

Immediately after his retirement on 30 Sep 2016; he followed up with routines to ensure he passed through the initial few months with actions and NOT by idleness and laziness.

Read? Complete walking one round the coast of Singapore and complete jogging all the Park connectors of Singapore

Somehow; one day on 15 may 2017; he received an offer for 8 HWW (Hours Work Week). A simple job with plenty of walking exercise on every Mondays and Thursday (any time from 11 AM to 6 PM to complete this simple job task. Uncle8888 takes less than 4 hours to complete each task with his power walk)

With this 8 HWW;  he should also qualify for 2018 WIS as low income workforce.

Likely he will continue as self-employed 8 HWW low income worker for awhile and getting paid at the same time for his weekly walking exercise…