Singapore Man of Leisure 29 September 2017 at 10:12:00 GMT+8

Readers out there who may want to ask CW out for kopi kosong, you may want to jio me along!

I play the role of “got shadow or not” verification ;)

Especially if you believe in the “clash of ideas”.

Don’t believe?

I’ll show you.

Of all the highlights, CW, you left out the most important “HOW” bit:

“You want to let the winners run. When the fun ones get better, add to ’em, and that one winner.

If you tell your readers your 10 bagger Keppel or Sembawang is only 1000 shares each, they will go, “Cheh!”


I hope this settles the question of concentration versus diversification ;)


OK. OK. Now shows the most important “How” on When the fun ones get better, add to ’em, and that one winner”.

Of course, he was having fun until Mr. Market came to spoil the fun ones! :-( …