A personal confession

“I did not feel financially ready when I graduated from Business School”

That was how I felt as a working graduate personally after 25 years growing up in the Singaporean education system.  I realised this trend only as I was working on financial articles daily and interacting with my peers around me. I was curious that as a first-world developed nation, financial literacy seemed to be lacking at many levels.

And even more worrying, if a finance graduate did not fully understand the various money potholes that lay ahead… how much worse would it be for others with no proper financial or economics training?

Editor’s note:  I was the typical Study-hard prototype of the SG education system: From a neighbourhood school… PSLE T-score 206, Scoring 7 A1s at ‘O’ levels, 5 distinctions at ‘A’ levels and BBA grad and minor in Technopreneurship from NUS.

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