I always wonder… why do people like buying stuff?
Yes, there’s a lot of reasons. And buying stuff also could mean a lot of things.

Buying an iPhone,
Or a car,
Or a Lexus,
Or a new TV when the old one is still working,
Or some small toys here and there, couple of bucks here and there,
Or a new camera,
Or a new PC…

The list goes on. I’m talking about what I deem as unnecessary spending.
And it’s not necessarily consumerism. Sometimes it’s just small toys, like turning $3 at the gatcha machine for fun. Or sometimes it’s for hobbies, photography, fishing, video games, etc…

So I do wonder… why do people buy stuff… Cos I don’t really desire these things very much.
I think very simply, buying stuff just makes people happier. It’s the thrill of spending. Getting high on purchases. Dopamine, like what I wrote about in my previous post.

So I think, would I enjoy spending? Someday? …