I was looking around, wondering what counter measures CDG would do in the war against GRAB.

Seriously, I think CDG is not fighting a war. It is either too confident or too complacent.
I am thinking of the war online. The war on communication and propaganda. I search online Grab recruitment of drivers and CDG’s. Here goes:
I saw incentives after incentives. Those who are newly signed-up and those who are already with them. This is not easy and I felt the sincerity or (aggressiveness) in getting driver’s to cross over and stay. Please note that many promotion on bank deposits are only for new funds and the same with telecom contracts.
So how is delgro doing ?
Cold. How about the benefits?
Lack details. Hardly enticing.
Next war front. Those of commuters:
This website show promotion from both Grab and Delgro….