REITs are a great investment tool given their income generating characteristics and tangible assets backing stock price valuations.

In Singapore, there are now a total of 37 REITs, not counting the soon to be listed REIT that Keppel is bringing to market with US properties.

For those interested in investing in REITs and getting a snapshot of how the market is performing, here are the top 10 most commonly asked questions that Phillip Capital get from retail and institutional investors.

What is the impact of US rate hikes on REITs? Is it still safe to buy REITs? Apart from higher financing costs, in what other ways do higher interest rates affect REITs? What is the outlook for the retail, commercial, industrial and hospitality REIT sectors? How do Singapore REITs compare with regional REITs? Is valuation attractive from a yield angle? How do Singapore REIT valuations stand compared with historical valuations? …