“Couple of days before APAC Realty IPO”

After writing the article on APAC Realty IPO, i applied for the shares and told my wife to do the same.

The funny conversation goes like this:

Wife: “Aiyah, I don’t wish to waste $2 again.”

Me: “Wah lau, you can make it back multifold if you just get one Good IPO that increases in price during debut. And the odds are much better than Toto or 4D too.”

Wife: “Sure good or not?”

Me: “Ya, your husband is writing about the IPO now. Expert by your side but you don’t want to utilize…”

Wife: “Haha… ok then, help me apply ok? I go sleep already, good night.”

Fast forward to the day of reckoning

I got zero shares and my wife got 2,000 shares @ $0.66 each. (Lady luck has never been on my side when it comes to applying