I recently got interested in Jumbo Group mainly due to its falling share price. I visited Jumbo Seafood Restaurant and JPot during festive season and family birthday celebrations. The food quality is good and ambience is friendly. Coincidentally, a relative’s wedding lunch was held in Chui Huay Lim Teachew restaurant, and I found the food really tasty.
Operations overview
Jumbo Group is a multi-concept F&B company with 16 restaurants in Singapore, 3 outlets in Shanghai, and 3 other joint venture/franchised outlets in Singapore, Japan and Vietnam, under 5 restaurant brands. It serves more than 1.6 tonnes of crab per day to more than 7,000 diners.
(Assuming a conservative $90 per kg of crab, it generates $144k of sales per day, and $52m per year just from crab alone)
Financials overview
Jumbo’s revenue has shown a nice increasing trend over past 3 years. This is not surprising given that …