It’s getting colder here in Japan. Currently, the temperature is about 6-7 degrees in the night and about 10 in the afternoon!! I must admit that the weather is fantastic! Just not when the wind is blowing in my direction.

It has been a week since I last updated my blog, as I’m pretty occupied with work, learning Japanese and going out during the weekends. Oh well. I will be updating and writing soon about the places I’ve been to and exploring Japan.

I’ve started out this journey towards financial freedom this year in January 2017. As mentioned earlier in my first blog post, my initial plan for 2017 is to have a portfolio and warchest amount totaling $5,475 (derived from allocating $15 aside per day x 365). I’d have to say that this amount is nothing impressive and can be easily earned in the future.

Last Friday, I had a mini-shock while …