Yes ! I finally sold off bulk of my Starhub stock and I am heart broken.

Starhub has been one of my favourite stock that I have kept close to my heart for more than 10 years (since 2005 where I first started my investment journey). Total gains from Starhub todate is $ 383,340 (+95%). (Dividends : $272,666; Capital gain : $97,658; Unrealised Profit : $13,016 ).

When the management announced that Starhub was going to cut dividend Q1 2017 this year, I decided to trim a significant % of the stock.

Why did I fall in love with Starhub

  1. Solid history of paying and increasing dividends.
  2. Yearly dividend distribution commitment and forecast by management.
  3. Loved their Hubbing Strategy.
  4. Telecom sectors are typically deemed defensive sectors during market corrections.

The Art of Selling

Although I have made seemingly good profits from Starhub, I felt that I could have done better …