Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl

This article may look sexist at first glance. One might ask: “What do you mean by “invests like a girl”? Are you trying to insult Warren Buffett or are you trying to insult females?”

Saying that someone does something “like a girl” is a common insult.

Actually, neither.

According to a post on blackrockblog.com, gender does play a role in affecting one’s investment style and causes men and women to make different investment decisions.

With this in mind, we have interviewed Pauline Teo, Chief Executive Officer of 8I Education and the author of the book Value Investing for Women. 

It is not a surprise that her personal investment habits fit well into the “feminine” investing style.

Here are the three main differences between how women and men invest, as suggested by BlackRock:

1. Women tend to take a longer-term approach

A 2010 Boston Consulting Group study examining women’s experiences