This is the continuation of a conversation with a reader who is having difficulty accumulating an emergency fund and who depleted her savings after her dual income household became a single income household.

I just read on “How many 20 years and $29,000 do we have?”

I have the Prulink too and have been paying for 12 years now.

Apart from this I have an endowment plan to be paid for another 9 years before mature.

My husband and I plus 2 kids have whole life plans, personal accidental and hospitalisation plans.

You are (probably) paying too much for insurance.

Your children don’t need life insurance. Life insurance are for people with dependents. Children don’t have dependents.

I won’t touch investment linked policies or ILPs (e.g. PruLink) even with a 5 feet pole. I don’t mix investment and insurance.

My action plan if I were in your shoes: …