Many tertiary students are facing yet another milestone. To get a degree or not? Poly students are stuck between wanting to work right after obtaining their diploma and getting a degree, but is it the better option?

Degree vs Diploma

In this article, we break down the cost of obtaining a degree and compare the salaries of fresh graduates from polytechnics and universities.

Course Diploma Degree Business $2,000 $3,600 Engineering $2,200 $3,200 Science $2,350 $3,600 Design $2,200 $3,200 Information Systems $2,000 $3,300

Out of the number of students going into a degree, approximately 70% of those students are from a junior college while 20% are diploma holders.

5 years ago, 60% of diploma holders would go on to secure a degree. Currently, the numbers have shot up to 80% of diploma holders looking towards a degree. But why?

It is a well-known fact that a degree holder will most likely …