Continuation from my distraction from my previous post.

​I just don’t know… I don’t know how much my parents spend or how much my sis spends for her monthly expenses. I start by using $3,000 as a benchmark then I estimate and adjust based on what I see that she owns. Maybe she owns a better car, or watch, or a nicer handbag/wallet, etc. But does she spend less on food? Maybe she doesn’t eat out as much? Or maybe she eats out more? I wouldn’t know.

And if I can’t even estimate for my family members well, how can I estimate for others whom I haven’t even lived with?
My friends and neighbours? Do we know how much they spend? Do they spend more than us or less? Maybe what I think is frugal is already very luxurious to them? Maybe they always cook at home and bring lunch box to lunch? …