Reader says…
I have been a reader of your blog for many years now.

Similar to your childhood experience – my parents also went thru bankruptcy during my teens and bad memories of money lenders coming to the old house.

I am Malaysian and coming to 55 years old. I was made redundant middle of last year, was unemployed for 4 months and have since resumed working.

My current gross salary is just enough to cover my household expenses + medical insurance for the whole family. (wife+ 3 kids.)

My fear of becoming destitute in the old age has created self-stress, as I continue to have interrupted sleep & tension with family members as I continue to delay/disapprove of their wants.

I currently have > RM3.3Mil in Malaysia Bonds, EPF & fully paid-up endowment policies. I park SGD$0.57Mil in a Singapore bank and have 2 fully paid-up landed property (one for my parents and the other for my family worth a total of RM2.5Mil).

AK pls talk to yourself, How should this person ‘live life’ going forward? …