I’ve read the 2 recent posts from 2 wise seniors – Uncle CW8888 and SMOL recently. Allow me to induce some flavors of this 2 seniors into this blog post.

Everyone knows what buying and holding is.. So what exactly is buy and hold?? Being curious.. I went online to google about the exact definition.

From Investopedia Hmm.. but buying and holding does not only applies to stocks!!

Is buying and holding a “sure-win” strategy?  
Buying and holding might increase your winning odds. But there’s no guarantee!!
The asset you’re buying and holding is important too!!

Let’s take a look at 2 example.

Buying SGX in 2004 Jan?



Buying Blumont in 2004 Jan?


How about buying Blumont at $2 in 2013 and holding it?


Same same ma.. Both also hold for 13 years.

Wanna see some real examples??

Buy and Hold – Who sold you that idea? – Uncle CW
Buy and Hold – Who sold you