I don’t meet new people everyday, but when I do, this is what happens. Conversation between me and new dude:

Me: Okay, nice meeting you! Hope to see you soon.

New Dude: Same to you! *wide smile*

After 10 minutes, I get a Whatsapp message from you-know-who…

New Dude: Hey, I can’t help put my finger on it but you remind me of an article that I’ve read recently.

Me: Ah, really? What is it?

New Dude: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-chu/why-are-some-people-lucki_b_12458558.html

New Dude: You are exactly the lucky type of person that this article is talking about. (Y)

Me: *reads article* Haha, the only thing that I can agree with the article is that I am pretty positive in general

New Dude: Ya ya, the positivity + always smiling

Me: Is it?!

New Dude: Ya! You make me want to smile back when you smile.

Me: Aww thank you. ^_^

Well, I