I made a sell transaction on Thurs 26 Oct 2017. As I have mentioned before on the blog, I am in the process of restructuring our investment portfolio to make it simpler. There was no particular reason other than a recent price run-up and it’s after the ex-dividend date. Which means I can still receive the latest distributions.

Name: Keppel REIT

Number of shares sold: 4,100 (Entire amount)

Sale price: S$1.185

Net proceeds: S$4,845

Realised profit excluding dividends collected: S$450 or 9%

Realised profit including dividends collected: S$900 or 18%

It’s a decent profit and beats the unrealised profit performance on our ETF portfolio. As I start to sell some of our shares to realise the profits, I get stuck with our remaining shares with unrealised losses. Especially our big loss-making positions in the telecommunications and oil & gas industries. Terrible moves by me and I’m hoping I can …