KPO purchase a new toy from Lazada – Xiao Mi: Mi Smart Scale to keep track of his weight loss journey but CZM thinks it is a waste of money. Hahahaha. The “kiam” part of me is also telling me that I should not be wasting money but the devils (Lazada and Xiao Mi) won in the end. What can I say, guys love electronics and games while girls love clothes, bags, and shoes?

I first started my weight loss plan on 4th September 2017 – KPO Needs to Lose Weight and my weight was 83.5kg with a BMI of 27.9. I was tracking it manually using a spreadsheet but got slightly lazy. I knew all along that Lazada was selling it for $36 but I felt that it was too expensive. Do note that this is from the official Mi Store after my bad experience with fake stuff on Lazada – Bad Lazada – 128