In February this year, I revealed the top investments in my portfolio with some indication of their values in dollar terms.

Understand why I decided to share after refusing for so many years by reading this blog:

Investment portfolio and market value.

Then, later in May, I updated the list as I had accumulated a pretty significant position in Centurion Corporation Limited from February.

Centurion has turned out to be a pretty good investment. Read the update in this blog:

Centurion’s pricing power.

It is now almost the end of October and things have changed yet again.

1. The decline in QAF Limited‘s share price makes it a smaller investment for me. It is not as large as it was before. So, it is no longer in the list.

2. The sale of Croesus Retail Trusthas been completed and income distribution has been made to shareholders. So, it is removed from the list…